Go Get It Done!  

How to get things done everyday

I Will Teach you a powerful system so that you clear off your to-do list daily.

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What's Inside this course?

The Go Get it Done course.  

is the ultimate guide to getting everything done without struggling with feelings of laziness. 

12 proven steps, you can finally have the life you’ve always wanted.


In this course, you will learn how to.


Set and win your daily goals or to-do list.  

You’ll always get them done on time.  


Understand the difference between when you're just busy and when you’re productive.  

Have you ever felt like you’ve been super busy but yet,you achieve literally nothing? Now, you’ll be able to differentiate between the two and stop making this common, time-wasting mistake.  


End the procrastination game.  

You know how comforting it is to say that you’ll do something later, even though it leads to a downward spiral of getting nothing done.  

That will end after you read this book because you’ll learn to recognize and fight it before it gets you down.  


Identify time-wasters and zap them before they steal your day away. 

Everything and everyone is trying to steal the short 24 hours that you get in a day! That’s one major reason why you feel like there’s never enough time to get everything done.  

Once you get to know what and who is stealing your time, you can use the methods I provide in this guide to crush them and regain your time within a day or two.  


Minimize the many distractions of modern life.  

There many, many distractions surrounding us on a daily basis, and it makes it so difficult to focus on what really matters.  

Learning to deal with these distractions is a major issue, but if you discover the biggest distractors in your life, as well as how to kill them, 

you’ll be able to focus and get things done faster. Which will make you Increase focus exponentially. You’ll finally be able to focus on what matters most 


You’ll learn how to identify your peak productivity hours that are the best times to get things done.  

There are times when you're at your best and times when you feel like a slacker. When you take advantage of your peak times, you can be twice as productive than you thought possible.  

You’ll learn both how to protect your peak times because, while you might know your peak time, you could end up missing out on it by unknowingly working against your own progress.  


Develop a productive mindset and stay motivated.  

Learn how to stay productive when you’re not feeling motivated. You’ll discover the solution for what to do on those days when you feel so low and unmotivated that you simply don’t want to do anything.  

(Develop a productive mindset and stay motivated.)  


Learn how to start your day off right. 

You won’t struggle with mornings any longer when you implement my strategy for making mornings enjoyable instead of stressful.  

Your mornings will become calm and productive.  

Do any if this sound familiar to you?.. 

Do you struggle with time management?

You feel overwhelmed by the things that need to be done, but then you feel like you don’t have enough hours in a day to finish everything you need to do, yet other people are still able to cross everything off their to-do lists by the end of the day?

Do you feel stuck and stressed out?

You feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and stressed out because you’re not making the progress you always want? sometimes ...you think you’re doing everything right, but for some reason, you still don't feel like you’re moving towards your goals?

Do you ever find Yourself always Busy and don’t get the expected results?

You have had a very busy long day but still didn’t come close to getting everything done that you were meant to do. (Yes, there is a difference in being busy and being productive).

Then sometimes (set daily goals but never get accomplished.) 

You say right this is what I’m going to do today... so you write down ideas and to-do lists, but then they never follow through unless it’s a lucky day.  

 You feel tired , because every now and then you’re constantly...

  • Procrastinating, 
  • Switching between tasks over and over again, leaving them halfway done,
  • You can’t manage to fully focus on doing one thing at a time because you keep getting distracted or interrupted... 
  • You feel like a failure because nothing is getting done, and all you have at the end of the day is a full list of unfinished tasks.  


This way of living can make one feel frustrated about their life every day.  

  • It can make you feel like life is unfair and make you wonder where you went wrong. 
  • Every day you feel like your life is losing direction; you know deep down that if you don't figure out how to sort things out, it will get worse.  
  •  You may even find yourself depressed and losing interest in everything.  

No one wants to live or feel like every day is a struggle between life and work. 

One thing is for certain: you know that you want to improve your life! 

But, where the heck do you even start?  

If the scenario that I described above sounds a lot like you, I can totally relate! 

I struggled most with  

  • Procrastination ---I told myself that I would do everything a little bit later-you know how comforting this can feel (and so addictive!)
  • Time management ---I was always late to work, had the dreaded last-minute syndrome, was rushing to catch up with deadlines, and was even late for parties.  
  • Constant Distractions ---I had zero focus due to distracted continuously. Phones, people, notifications, social media--I always found myself focusing on these things instead of what I really need to be doing. 

What’s even worse is that I was experiencing these problems constantly, on a daily basis. 

I didn’t realize that I was the cause and that everything was going wrong because of my approach to things.  

Then I decided Enough was Enough. I wanted to change my lifestyle and become more of a DOER. 



Now, I don’t struggle to get things done. I have strategies for always being productive, whether I'm feeling lazy and unmotivated or not. When there are tasks on my to-do list, I always get them done. 


I went from being the queen of excuses & a total procrastination addict to a GO-getter, (AKA someone who makes their plans become reality).  

Your life can transform too.

Believe me, it's totally possible! And you're one step towards that...

 ONLY ....

If you learn how to slightly change how you do and view things you will become more productive and get things done so you can live the life that you want.  

Because one thing i know is if you learn how to get things done, you can achieve all of your goals and start living your best life and get anything you ever wanted to have.


  • You might think that you’re just a generally a lazy person, but I would bet money that that’s not the reason why you’re not completing day-to-day tasks.  
  • Trust me--I used to think the exact same thing. But, all you need to do to improve your life is learn a few simple tips to shift your mindset and daily habits.  

Let’s just say that we’re adding a dash of spice to make the flavor of your life more satisfying than before. Yikes, that’s a terrible metaphor, but you get my point…  

One of the biggest obstacles to accomplishing your daily goals is the lack of confidence in getting them done. 

You've tried over and over and over again but every single time you are defeated. That can be a huge blow to your confidence.  

It's time to get that confidence back. 


 Go Get It Done course. 

The Go Get it Done course.

is the ultimate guide to getting everything done without struggling with feelings of laziness.  

Through this guide’s 

12 proven steps, you can finally have the life you’ve always wanted.

This course will get you closer to the life that you dream about.  

With 12 main lessons plus helpful examples, this guide explains how you can adopt a better outlook on life for boosted productivity.  

To achieve your day-to-day goals, feel like you’re winning at life, make the best use of your time, and beat procrastination.  

All you need to do is to enroll in this course (so yes, you can finally relax a little, too). 

In this course, you will learn how to.


Set and win your daily goals or to-do list.  


Understand the difference between when you're just busy and when you’re productive.  


End the procrastination game.  


Identify time-wasters and zap them before they steal your day away. 


Minimize the many distractions of modern life.  


You’ll learn how to identify your peak productivity hours that are the best times to get things done.  


Develop a productive mindset and stay motivated.  


Learn how to start your day off right. 



Student A

Student B

Student C


  •  Your success depends upon on the daily actions you take every day. (Also called productivity).
  •  Achieving your daily goals will make you feel you are on the right path in life.
  • What you do with your time everyday is so important, it’s the difference between reaching your goals or not.

Now, here’s what you might not know:  

At some point you may have realized that this isn’t the life you wish for and that you want to change. 

You probably looked for materials online, googled 

  • How to improve time management
  • How to stop feeling lazy, 
  • How to overcome procrastination, 
  • How to be happier--

the list is endless.  

But, what you didn't know is  

  •  That most of these resources give a different perspective on information. 
  •  It’s based on the general population, and they’re not thinking of the exact everyday problems that you’re looking to get help with. 
  •  Instead, they start telling you to start new things and, at this point, it only makes you feel more overwhelmed.
  •  You end up going forward with frustration instead of a fresh, productive outlook..  

What if instead, you did this:  

  • What if you decided to learn from someone who’s been exactly where you are now,  
  • Someone who understands what you go through and feel in a day.

What impact do you think that person would have in your life? From that relatable person, 

You Will learn simple formulas of how to get to get things done every day without feeling like you’re struggling.  

What’s even more amazing is that the things you’re doing are what you already do every day, so you’re guaranteed to not feel overwhelmed.  

Go Get It Done course provides 12 practical steps to transform your life and get back to that happy version of yourself, the person you’re always striving to be.  

What’s even better is that you can start applying some of these steps instantly.  

  • Find an end to procrastination 
  • Set and achieve daily goals, 
  • Complete tasks on time,  
  • Say no when people are pressuring you with requests,  
  • Motivate yourself even when you’re feeling low and don’t want to do anything 

All of these things are possible for you, and all you need to do is decide that enough is enough!.  

The Go Get it Done Guide will transform your life by making you a productive person.  

It will give you exactly what you need to get things done every single day so that you can become a happier person and make progress toward your goals.  

I know that your aim is to become independent, financially secure, and a more content soul.  

If you want to become successful, then this guide is for you. It’s the foundation of a successful, dream life.  

Wondering if the Go Get it Done course is right for you?  

Here's how you'll know: Go Get It Done is for You if...

  • You want to have clarity or focus on how to get things done every day. 
  •  It’s perfect for someone who wants to improve her life and stop procrastination, and achieve daily goals.
  • If you want to get your time back... 
  • Or anyone who is tired of never finishing anything on time. 
  • If you want to transform your everyday life and make it how you’ve always dreamed it would be.  

Who the Go Get It Done course guide is not for: 

  • Anyone who is comfortable with her life and living the life that she’s always wanted.  
  • This guide isn’t for you if you don’t feel the need to improve your life by becoming more productive... 

Imagine the feeling of things finally going the way you want;  

I'm here to tell you that it’s possible.

  • You want a transformed life but you always struggle to get things done.  
  • You always feel like there are a zillion things to do and not enough time to actually do them. 
  • Or, even worse, all you end up doing is procrastinating and vowing to do them later.  
Get The Go Get it Done Course Now!

I can tell you for certain: you don't have to feel this way. Your life is better than this and you deserve to live the life that you want.  

So, in the GO GET IT DONE course , I am sharing with you the exact things that you need to know and do differently to improve your life.  

The key to becoming a D0-ER and getting things done is to understand what stops you from being productive. 

Where is the root of the problem?

 Once you understand why you haven’t been able to get things done, then you’ll learn how to use the strategies in the course to become a Go-getter.  

You’ll finally be able to achieve higher productivity than ever before. 

If you feel and want these results in your life, then this course is for you...  

Oh yes before I forget Go Get It Done course comes with some bonuses that you will absolutely love!  

Everything you possibly need to make what you learn from the guide stick and become consistent when doing it without feeling like task to you’re doing. 

#1 BONUS HABITS GUIDE $17 Value)  

This mini-guide will work along well with this Go Get It Done Course:  


  •  How habits work and how to create and leave bad habits.
  • How to adopt and create new habits .  

RANDOM FACT --Habits are central to everything we do, every single day. And having a successful life largely depends on the daily habits you repeatedly engage in.  

This habit guide is good for anyone who has struggled with bad habits and wants a guide on how to form better habits and kick the bad ones for an improved life.  



($19 Value)  

 This Guide will work well with Go Get It Done course because you’re going to meet some hard times in life at some point, and I want you to know how to handle it when that time comes.  


  • How to thrive through challenges, and how to keep negative energy away so you can live your best life. 
  • How to create the right mindset to live a better life.  
  • How Positive thinking mindset works : like we will talk about
  • How to stop negative self-talk to reduce stress.  

RANDOM FACT -Positive thinking mindset can help you develop more confidence in life to improve your overall mood and even reduce the likelihood of developing mental health issues like depression and anxiety. 

#3 BONUS  


  • Help you implement your plan of what you have learnt into actions. 
  • This is where you write what changes you want to make and what things you are going to start doing differently.

The Go Get it Done Course can be accessed on your computer, tablet, or smartphone! 

You will be given immediate access after purchasing, so you can get started right away 

Frequently Asked Questions? 

What is the Go Get It Done ? 

Go Get It Done is a course with 12 simple strategies that you can apply to your daily life to get more done, finish tasks, and transform from an unmotivated procrastinator to a productive person.Whoever gets this done is on a path toward achieving their life goals.  

How will life look different after implementing the steps in this guide?

With this guide, in 2 months from now, you’ll have transformed your life. Things will start to look up and you’ll feel better than ever. This is what we all want before deciding what to do next in life, isn’t it?  

Why will I love this course? 

One thing I know you will love about this course is that it will speak your language, You’ll feel like the author is someone you’ve met and talked about your life with, so she went and wrote down all of the solutions to your problems.  

Why will this course be a game-changer?  

I’ve made sure that the material in this course includes the solutions that you’ve been looking for. It contains guidance for at least a few improvements that you want to make in your life.  

Why should I spend time on this?  

If you feel like you’re struggling and want to improve your life, please spend and dedicate time on this course.  

How is the Go Get It Done guide different from all of the other productivity books out there?  

I know you may be wondering what’s unique about this guide and what the difference is between it and the many others out there?  

You see, most of the self-improvement resources out there teach you how to do new things to improve your life. But, as humans, we’re often lazy at adopting new things.

So, we procrastinate--don’t worry, it’s only natural! But, in my ebook, I talk about things that you’re familiar with and do every day. Nothing is brand new or unfamiliar.  

The only catch is that I want you to continue to do the same things that you do in life, but only slightly differently. So, this guide won’t overwhelm you with information, but it will show you how to do things differently and still achieve the things you want to achieve.  

How will I receive the course?  

This is a digital course meaning you will access it online . As soon as you purchase the course, you’ll receive an email, With a link for you to click and log in to the course.

Do you offer refunds? 

Yes! I am so confident in this course that if you take it and go through it, you will get the results, but if you don't get results, then you can email us within 60 days for a full refund. All we ask is that you provide evidence that you've put these methods into place. Like, what steps you took to implement and so forth. All refunds are subject to the terms of the full refund policy linked on the footer of this page.  

Is my payment information safe?  

It is very important to me that your credit card is safe. That's why I have partnered with Stripe (a third party credit card company) to handle all the billing and provide secure encryption. This is safer than buying anything else online. So feel comfortable and know that your transaction is 100% completely protected from fraud. 

I have another question how can I ask it?

You can also email me at hello@thoughtsabove.com with any questions you have. 

How To Decide If The Go Get It Done Course Is Right For You 

  • If you're trying to decide if this course is right for you, ask yourself these three questions. They’ll guide you toward making a decision and seeing if it's a good investment to make in your life.  

3 Questions to Ask Yourself: 


Do you want to start getting things done without procrastinating and dealing with constant distractions?


Do you want to complete your daily to-do list so that you can get closer to your dream life?  


Do you want to improve your life, but are wondering where to start?  

These three questions will help you make the right decision. If you think that you’re not ready, that’s ok. 

But, I would like to mention that if you change your mind and decide to buy later, the price may be higher, since this is just a launching price.  

2 months from now you can be a completely different person,  

  • Someone who plans to do things and actually gets them done.
  • Someone who no longer procrastinates. 
  • Someone who motivates herself even when she doesn’t feel like doing anything.
  • Your mornings will become your favorite part of the day and you’ll see life from a different perspective. 
  • Life won’t feel like a burden, but rather like ‘this is what i have always wanted kind of a thing”.  

I want you to be that person who decides: 

this is what I want in my life” and Goes for it. 

Always Remember


You can become anything that you want to be.  


 You can have anything that you wish for.  

It's just on the other side of making the decision to take action.  

Are You Ready To .....

  •  Become a Productive 'BadAss'? a woman who is more organised, and more motivated.  
  •  Become a 'Go-GETTER' -an independent woman who knows what she wants and how to get it, and nothing can stop her!  
  • Become a 'DOER'- and get everything in your list crossed?  
  • Become more confident with your life again that you can start and get things done on time. 
  • To start turning your daily personal goals to become a reality?
  • Feel Less stressed every day?  

If those are the outcomes that you want in your life, click below to get Instant Access! 

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